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“How do you imagine a "new normal" when you lack the truth on "normal" in the past and present?”

Whats Happening Brother - Unknown Artist
"Community safety in the presents of harm (Internal Community Harm and Safety)" Panel
community in hands.png
This panel discussion will look at both external and internal concerns of harm and safety within the Black Community. The pandemic has led to significant challenges in the increase in violence, whether in the home or the community. This panel will also discuss strategies to construct a new vision for community safety.
"Reparations as part of the new normal" Panel
The pandemic magnified the historical and current struggles in the African American community. For some, the question is should reparations be part of the public dialogue? This panel will take an in-depth look at that question and what reparations could mean for the Black Community.
“Envisioning Healthcare in the new normal" Panel
Black Health.png

Since COVID-19, health has been and the forefront of everyone's mind. Physical health, mental health, and spiritual health have all been tested throughout the pandemic. During this discussion, we will look at how healthcare will be different moving forward post COVID-19. And what does this mean for the wellbeing of the black community?

"Collective Healing for a thriving "New Normal" Panel
We all know that trauma runs deep within the African American community. Healing is something that is needed. However, many questions if we heal individually, and can we heal collectively? Either way, the work must be done. In this panel discussion, we will talk about the new normal move before for the black community. This panel will take an in-depth look at does collective healing intel for the black communities to thrive? Healing has to be at the center of the movement.
Collective Healing 4.png

“You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom.

All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.” — Malcolm X

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