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“Change does not come without people in power being willing to be uncomfortable.” Uncle Big

Water Runs Dry - Damien Escobar - Sensual Melodies

"That was hands down the best panel discussion I have ever seen! The raw emotion shared in real time as well as the sheer genius of all the experts on the panel....I pray that was recorded and utilized for future workshops because everyone needs to hear the messages that were shared on that panel. Absolutely amazing!.” 2023

"I have already recommended this to several of my white friends and colleagues. I feel like there was SO MUCH fantastic information that it's hard to narrow down to highlights, and I want everyone to experience that and grow and do better and be antiracist at every opportunity." 2022

"This was my first virtual conference that was not boring and where I did not multi-task. The speakers were excellent, and I appreciated the passion and compassion of all. Thank you all so much!" 2021

"although the presenters were all black and or African American, they were very diverse with their culture and their perspective of living while black in America. They were also diverse with the topics in which they presented."  "Thank you for still having this even with COVID-19.2020

“ Was not sure what to expect; exceeded my expectation on all levels speakers were authentic and relevant. Subjects were a revelation to me. I have not been subjected to some of these topics definitely a conference I’d attend again.”  2019

“This conference is put together with incredible heart and Humanity. Tons of solutions - beyond "basics" - just what I hoped it would be. Presenters and participants got to speak honestly and safely.”  2018

“I am glad I was able to attend, I am glad that I asked the question “If I am not a black man doing this work, can I attend?” This was one of the best conferences that I have been to, I loved the honesty, I need that. I was OK being a white woman in this space, I listen and learn, I grew." 2017

"This was the best one of all the conferences“ "Bring Dr. G (Dr. Ginwright) back...he is doing some great work"  2016

“This was a phenomenal conference! Well organized, awesome speakers (that told the truth).  This was one of the best conferences that I have ever attended. We need more trainings like this“ 2015

"I learned so much and I ‘am moved to take a meaningful action in my community....“Looking forward to next year’s conference“ 2014

"Highlighted / brought to light a very important issue and promoted positive, deep energy..."Gave hope for us to help toward making a difference." 2013

"We need Mr. Sam’s vision, need to put it into action, in order to be effective with treating African American men...Great as usual!! 2012

"I enjoyed each day and each presenter. They were very informed people. Please continue the good work. I appreciate all you do to pull this together. ...This is what a conference should be like." 2011

"Very effective delivery, energizing, informative, inviting"..."Please continue to bring more lectures." 2010

"Groundbreaking, visionary." 2009

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