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In Minneapolis, all of our work to eliminate socio-economic disparities centers around our belief that what we look like and where we come from should not determine the benefits, burdens, or responsibilities we bear in our society. Because we believe all people are created equal in​ terms of rights, dignity, and the potential to achieve great things, we see inequality based on race, gender, and other social characteristics as not only unfortunate but unjust. The value of equality, democratic voice, physical and economic security, social mobility, a shared sense of responsibility for one another, and a chance to start over after misfortune or missteps -- what many Americans call redemption -- are the moral pillars of the American ideal of opportunity (The American Prospect, 2007). Despite Minneapolis' reputation as one of the most progressive, thriving cities in the country, we cannot escape the present legacy of past discrimination.

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Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health provides a range of services as it protects and improves the health of people and the environment in Ramsey County.

Saint Paul – Ramsey County is one of the largest local public health departments in Minnesota, serving Saint Paul and all other cities in Ramsey County. The department traces its origins to the appointment of the first public health officer by the city of Saint Paul in 1854. Saint Paul and Ramsey County’s previously separate public health departments merged in 1997 through a joint powers agreement.



At the Minnesota Department of Corrections, we work to transform lives for a safer Minnesota. With a focus on public safety, the well-being of approximately 4,200 employees, and the safety and security of the people committed to our custody, we prioritize strategies that hold people accountable for the offenses they commit while giving them the tools they need to succeed as they transition back to their communities.


The Minneapolis Foundation cultivates generosity by driving action for the greatest civic, social, and economic needs. We partner with nonprofits, facilitate grantmaking, drive research and advocacy, and provide services to donors seeking to make a difference.



NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center is a multi-specialty medical, dental and mental health center and human service agency located in North Minneapolis. NorthPoint strives to improve the physical and socio-economic health of the North Minneapolis community through an integrated model of health and human services.

Partnering to Create a Healthier Community



The Minnesota Department of Human Services is an organization of individuals with a commitment to bettering the lives of Minnesotans. While DHS employees perform different jobs and duties, such as research-analyses, direct caregiving, program administration, fraud prevention, licensing oversight, plant management and human resources, we share a belief that when Minnesotans help other Minnesotans, we create a brighter future for all of us.

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Ramsey County Veterans Services provides guidance and assistance to veterans, their dependents, and survivors in applying for local, state and federal veterans benefits.


Ramsey County Veterans Services is committed to assisting all Ramsey County veterans and their families in obtaining the benefits they are entitled to through the Minnesota and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


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We are a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is the nation's largest nonprofit treatment provider, with a legacy that began in 1949 and includes the 1982 founding of the Betty Ford Center. With 17 sites in California, Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado and Washington, the Foundation offers prevention and recovery solutions nationwide and across the entire continuum of care for youth and adults.

Hue-MAN Partnership consists of health care, community, and professional organizations seeking to address the health crisis among our young and middle-aged men, primarily men of color.

The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation works to enhance community safety, promote community restoration, and reduce the risk of re‐offense. Department staff serve Hennepin County at more than 20 service locations ranging from correctional facilities to probation reporting offices and occupational training centers, delivering sustainable correctional services to more than 26,000 adult and juvenile clients. It is the largest community corrections organization in Minnesota.

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