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“Some change is just about being brave enough to get out of the box.”

June 25th -The Beginning

“Why the focus on Black Men Healing?”
Samuel Simmons, Jr., LADC, Behavioral Consultant
Minster James Muhammad, Consultant, Spiritual Leader
Conferences Organizers

The mission of this conference is to offer an alternative way of thinking about community building by addressing black male pain.



  • To address the question: “Why the focus on Black Male Healing?”

  • To address the link of today’s black male and community pain with past social, family and community multigenerational traumatic experiences.

  • To discuss possible strategies and concepts that may be used to generate pathway to healing, motivation to change and community empowerment that will foster real hope for a future.

Healing Relationships

  • Lissa Jones

  • Resmaa Menakem

  • Harry Ford

  • Rashida Fisher

With an increase awareness of the historical trauma its link to current issues, the need for compassionate accountability approach is the key to improve collaboration, outcomes and healing.

Youth and Education

  • Larone Greer

  • Camille Thomas

  • Tyler Hamblin

  • Tina Jackson

The importance of clinicians, African American men and the community being aware of the historical trauma to promote wellness and accountability.

"Emotional Health and Healing" Bill Allen, PHD

Promoting healing through emotional health training.

Fatherhood and Healing

  • John Turnipseed

  • Clarence Jones

  • Guy Bowling

With an increase awareness of the historical trauma link to current fatherhood issues and the need for compassionate accountability for healing.

Healing and the Church 

  • Rev. Brian Herron

  • Pastor Alika Galloway

  • Rev. Devin Miller

The importance of the African American church men in wellness and healing.

“Focusing on Black Men Healing as a Solution” 
  • Lissa Jones

  • Atum Azzahir

  • John Turnipseed

  • Rev. Brian Herron

  • Ferris Bell

  • Rosemarie Sayers

It is easy to make change. Change happens. Even if we sit still . . . do nothing . . . change happens. Making good change that makes life better… that endures…that persists is much more challenging.


This type of change doesn’t occur by denying or doing the some thing and expecting a different outcome. Or expecting the benefactor of the current conditions, blinded my their own needs (denial) to supply the solutions. Making good takes courage, awareness and self-evaluation with an emphasis upon honesty and healing.

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." 

James Baldwin

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